Up (25th Anniversary Edition): 2CD


Release date: 10 November, 2023

Released in 1998, Up is the eleventh studio album from R.E.M. In the UK ‘UP’ is platinum certified and charted at #2 on release. The album, featuring the singles "Daysleeper,” “Lotus,” “Suspicion” and “At My Most Beautiful,” draws inspiration from electronic music, using a wide range of tools to create a dreamy pop landscape that is reflective and moody. It was the band's first album without drummer Bill Berry, who retired from the group in October of 1997. This deluxe reissue celebrates the album’s 25th anniversary.

♦    Disc 1: Original album remastered

♦    Disc 2: A complete previously unreleased 11-song (12-track) live set from the band’s appearance from R.E.M.’s ’99 taping for hit TV series Party of Five  

-          The LIVE set represents one of the first times R.E.M. performed songs from Up, so it’s positioned as an intimate “rehearsal” to the in-studio crowd. The set includes the hits + Up tracks. 

-          Fans are aware that the performance happened, but unaware that this audio capture exists (no bootlegs currently online for this bonus material) 


CD1 - UP
1.    Airportman 
2.    Lotus 
3.    Suspicion 
4.    Hope 
5.    At My Most Beautiful 
6.    The Apologist 
7.    Sad Professor 
8.    You're In The Air 
9.    Walk Unafraid 
10.    Why Not Smile 
11.    Daysleeper 
12.    Diminished 
13.    Parakeet 
14.    Falls To Climb

CD2 - Party Of Five Recording
1.    Introduction 
2.    What's The Frequency, Kenneth? 
3.    Lotus 
4.    Daysleeper 
5.    Country Feedback 
6.    Walk Unafraid 
7.    Losing My Religion 
8.    Parakeet 
9.    The Apologist 
10.    It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 
11.    I'm Not Over You 
12.    Man On The Moon

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