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David Bowie

David Bowie: Deluxe Edition [Store Exclusive Cream/Green Swirl Vinyl]


Release date: 26 July, 2024

David Bowie’s groundbreaking debut album is set for a vibrant revival with a reissue on both CD and coloured vinyl, boasting exclusive tracklists to tantalize fans old and new. Critics of the time commented; with the NME praising Bowie’s fresh sound as “all very refreshing” and hailing him as “a very promising talent.” Melody Maker lauds the album as “a singularly rewarding collection” with “excellent” production, while expressing surprise that Bowie hadn’t yet made a bigger impact on the pop scene. Meanwhile, Disc & Music Echo raves about the album, describing it as “a remarkable, creative debut album by a 19-year-old Londoner” and declaring Bowie as “a new talent that deserves attention.” With such illuminating reviews, this reissue promises to reignite Bowie’s early legacy and introduce his visionary artistry to a new generation of listeners.


Side A
1.    Uncle Arthur
2.    Sell Me A Coat
3.    Rubber Band
4.    Love You Till Tuesday
5.    There Is A Happy Land
6.    We Are Hungry Men
7.    When I Live My Dream
Side B
1.    Little Bombardier
2.    Silly Boy Blue
3.    Come And Buy My Toys
4.    Join The Gang
5.    She’s Got Medals
6.    Maids Of Bond Street
7.    Please Mr. Gravedigger
Side C
1.    Rubber Band
2.    The London Boys
3.    The Laughing Gnome
4.    The Gospel According To Tony Day
5.    Love You Till Tuesday
6.    Did You Ever Have A Dream
7.    When I Live My Dream
Side D
1.    Let Me Sleep Beside You
2.    Karma Man
3.    In The Heat Of The Morning
4.    London Bye Ta-Ta
5.    When I’m Five
6.    Ching-A-Ling
7.    Space Oddity – Love You Till Tuesday Version

Vinyl LP
Decca Records