The Charlatans: Up At The Lake

Up At The Lake

The Charlatans

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  • Release Date 26 October 2018
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Vinyl LP

Up At The Lake is the eighth studio album from Indie pioneers The Charlatans - which pretty much went under the radar upon its release in 2004 and is, still today, one of the more undiscovered and rewarding albums by The Charlatans. Pressed onto 180g vinyl for the first time since its original release and with the correct vinyl side splits of Side A 6-songs and Side B 6-songs (as confirmed by Tim Burgees himself) along with the original artwork and download code, makes this an essential purchase for any Charlatans fan.

1 Up At The Lake  
2 Feel The Pressure  
3 As I watch You In Disbelief  
4 Cry Yourself To Sleep  
5 Bona Fide Treasure  
6 High Up Your Tree  
7 Blue For You  
8 I'll Sing A Hymn (You Came To Me)  
9 Loving You Is Easy  
10 Try Again Today  
11 Apples and Oranges  
12 Dead Love