Eddie Jobson / Zinc.: The Green Album: Platinum SHM

The Green Album: Platinum SHM

Eddie Jobson / Zinc.

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  • Release Date 30 October 2013
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Platinum SHM (Platinum Super High Material) is, as the name suggests, is the SHM-CD with a reflection coating made of pure platinum (Pt1000) in place of the aluminum to form the reflective coating in addition to the proven SHM-CD technology. Platinum SHM-CD is the ultimate quality but is is not a CD-DA (compact disc digital audio).However, almost all players can play the disc (If players can play CD-R, they can also play Platinum SHM).

1 Transporter  
2 Resident  
3 Easy For You To Say  
4 Prelude  
5 Nostalgia  
6 Walking From Pastel  
7 Turn It Over  
8 Green Face  
9 Who My Friends...  
10 Color Code  
11 Listen To Reason  
12 Through The Glass  
13 Transporter II  
14 Turn It Over (Single Edit)