John Lee Hooker: King Of The Boogie

King Of The Boogie

John Lee Hooker

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2017 marks what would have been John Lee Hooker’s 100th birthday, and Concord are pleased to announce this collection to celebrate the legendary bluesman in true style. 100 tracks on 5 CDs span Hooker’s career: from his iconic hits, to rare tracks, live recordings plus previously unreleased material. Presented in a book format, the package includes a treasure trove of photos, plus new liner notes by John Lee Hooker historian Jas Obrecht, as well as by the artist’s longtime manager Mike Kappus.

Known to music fans around the world as the “King of the Boogie,” John Lee Hooker endures as one of the true superstars of the blues genre. His work is widely recognized for its impact on modern music – his simple, yet deeply effective songs transcend borders and languages around the globe. Each decade of Hooker’s long career brought a new generation of fans and fresh opportunities for the ever-evolving artist, and he regularly toured and recorded up until his passing in 2001. The music of John Lee Hooker can regularly be heard in TV shows, commercials and films, and many of his tracks have also found a second life sampled in new songs.

Disc 1:
1 Boogie Chillen’ – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
2 Sally May – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
3 Hobo Blues – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
4 Crawlin’ King Snake – John Lee Hooker & His Guitar  
5 Black Man Blues – Texas Slim  
6 Goin’ Mad Blues – Delta John  
7 Who’s Been Jivin’ You – Texas Slim  
8 (Miss Sadie Mae) Curl My Baby’s Hair  
9 Hoogie Boogie – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
10 Burnin’ Hell – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
11 Weeping Willow Boogie  
12 Moaning Blues – Texas Slim  
13 Huckle Up Baby – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
14 Goin’ On Highway #51 – John Lee Hooker And His Guitar  
15 John L’s House Rent Boogie  
16 I’m In The Mood  
17 Two White Horses  
18 33 Blues  
19 Sugar Mama  
20 Wobbling Baby  
21 Stuttering Blues – John Lee Booker  
22 I’m A Boogie Man – Johnny Lee  
23 Down Child  
24 Odds Against Me (Backbiters And Syndicaters)  
25 Shake, Holler And Run  
Disc 2:
1 Unfriendly Woman [Aka Stop Now]*  
2 Mambo Chillun  
3 Time Is Marching  
4 Dimples  
5 Little Wheel  
6 I Love You Honey  
7 Drive Me Away  
8 Maudie  
9 When I Lay My Burden Down*  
10 Tupelo Blues  
11 Good Mornin’ Lil’ School Girl  
12 I Rolled And Turned And Cried The Whole Night Long  
13 No More Doggin’  
14 Dusty Road  
15 No Shoes  
16 My First Wife Left Me  
17 Crazy About That Walk - Sir John Lee Hooker  
18 Want Ad Blues  
19 Will The Circle Be Unbroken  
20 I’m Going Upstairs  
21 I Lost My Job  
22 Don’t Turn Me From Your Door  
23 Grinder Man  
24 Meat Shakes On Her Bone*  
Disc 3:
1 Boom Boom  
2 Blues Before Sunrise  
3 She’s Mine  
4 Frisco Blues  
5 Good Rockin’ Mama  
6 I’m Leaving  
7 Birmingham Blues  
8 Don’t Look Back  
9 Big Legs, Tight Skirt  
10 It Serves Me Right  
11 Money  
12 One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer  
13 The Motor City Is Burning  
14 Mean, Mean Woman  
15 Doin’ The Shout  
16 Homework  
17 Early One Morning  
18 Rocking Chair  
19 Hittin’ The Bottle Again  
20 Deep Blue Sea  
21 Spellbound  
Disc 4: LIVE
1 Hobo Blues – Live  
2 Maudie – Live  
3 Shake It Baby – Live  
4 Boogie Chillun – Live  
5 Bottle Up And Go – Live  
6 Crawlin’ King Snake – Live  
7 The Mighty Fire – Live  
8 You’ve Got To Walk Yourself – Live  
9 I’m Bad Like Jesse James – Live  
10 Boogie Everywhere I Go – Live  
11 She’s Gone*– Live  
12 It Serves Me Right To Suffer*– Live  
13 Boom Boom* – Live  
14 Hi-Heel Sneakers* – Live  
15 One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer* – Live  
1 I Got Eyes For You – With “Little” Eddie Kirkland  
2 Mai Lee – With The Groundhogs  
3 Peavine – With Canned Heat  
4 Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive – With Van Morrison  
5 Five Long Years – With Joe Cocker  
6 The Healer – With Carlos Santana  
7 I’m In The Mood – With Bonnie Raitt  
8 Sally Mae – With George Thorogood  
9 Mr. Lucky – With Robert Cray  
10 Up And Down – With Warren Haynes  
11 Boom Boom – With Jimmie Vaughan  
12 You Shook Me – With B.B. King  
13 Don’t Look Back – With Van Morrison  
14 Dimples – With Los Lobos  
15 Boogie Chillen’ – With Eric Clapton  
16 *previously unreleased  

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