The Jayhawks: Smile: Expanded Edition

Smile: Expanded Edition

The Jayhawks

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  • Release Date 17 November 2014
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Double Vinyl LP

Includes MP3 version

Hailed as pioneers of the alt-country/Americana sound, the Jayhawks emerged from Minneapolis' mid-'80s scene with a soaring combination of folksy harmonies and power-pop melodies. The band's status as a major influence, as well as that of being one of the best bands of its generation, are richly deserved.

This release comes as part of five reissues which span the band’s entire American Recordings catalogue, on 180g heavyweight vinyl.


Side A
1. Smile
2. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
3. What Led Me To This Town
4. Somewhere In Ohio

Side B
1. A Break In The Clouds
2. Queen Of The World
3. Life Floats By
4. Broken Harpoon
5. Pretty Thing

Side C
1. Mr. Wilson
2. (In My) Wildest Dreams
3. Better Days
4. Baby, Baby, Baby

Side D
1. Who Made You King (studio outtake)*
2. Gypsy In The Mood (studio outtake)
3. A Part Of You (demo)**
4. Life's Little Ups And Downs (live)**
5. Greta Garbo (demo) **
6. Five Cornered Blues (demo) **
* previously commercially unavailable
** previously unreleased

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