No Doubt: Tragic Kingdom: Limited Edition Exclusive Picture Disc

Tragic Kingdom: Limited Edition Exclusive Picture Disc

No Doubt

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Vinyl LP
Tragic Kingdom is No Doubt’s third studio album.

Originally released on October 10, 1995, it was the final album to feature original member Eric Stefani. The album was recorded over a 2 and a half year period and was produced by Matthew Wilder. It spawned seven singles including “Just A Girl” and “Don’t Speak” (which topped the chart in the UK and secured top five positions in a number of other countries)

The album showcases a variety of musical genres, including ska punk, new wave pop, post-grunge and reggae as well as featuring a horn section on a number of tracks.

A very personal album for vocalist Gwen Stefani, many of the lyrics were about her experiences in life with “Just A Girl” detailing her exasperation with female stereotypes and her father’s concerned reaction to her driving home late from her boyfriend’s house, and “Don’t Speak”, a ballad about the breakup of Stefani and bassist Tony Kanal’s relationship.

An enormous success around the world, the album topped the US Billboard chart as well as hitting #1 in several European countries.

It has sold in excess of 16 million copies worldwide.
Side One
1 Spiderwebs  
2 Excuse Me Mr.  
3 Just A Girl  
4 Happy Now?  
5 Different People  
6 Hey You  
7 The Climb  
Side Two
1 Sixteen  
2 Sunday Morning  
3 Don't Speak  
4 You Can Do It  
5 World Go 'Round  
6 End It On This  
7 Tragic Kingdom