Mike Oldfield: The Killing Fields

The Killing Fields

Mike Oldfield

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  • Release Date 29 January 2016
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Mike Oldfield was asked in 1984 to score Roland Joffe’s film about two journalists’ experiences in the ‘killing fields’ of Kampuchea. Although Oldfield’s music is synonymous with film, it is his first and only score to date, The film was highly acclaimed winning two Academy awards and Oldfield’s score was an integral part of it, earning him a BAFTA and Golden Globe nomination. Newly remastered for 2016, The Killing Fields is a well-regarded entry in Mike Oldfield’s illustrious discography. As with all of Oldfield’s critically acclaimed re-release programme, the notes include a new interview with Mike. Newly remastered for 2016 with original artwork and pressed onto 180GM vinyl.


Side One

  1. Pran's Theme
  2. Requiem for a City
  3. Evacuation
  4. Pran's Theme
  5. Capture
  6. Execution
  7. Bad News
  8. Pran's Departure

Side Two

  1. Worksite
  2. The Year Zero
  3. Blood Sucking
  4. The Year Zero 2
  5. Pran's Escape / The Killing Fields
  6. The Trek
  7. The Boy's Burial / Pran Sees the Red Cross
  8. Good News
  9. Etude

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