Anthrax: Spreading The Disease: Deluxe Edition

Spreading The Disease: Deluxe Edition


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Double CD Album

On November 20, three decades after its October 30, 1985 debut, Universal will release a special 30th anniversary edition of Anthrax's classic Spreading The Disease, the band's second studio album and the one that served as the then-budding thrash band's breakthrough, and still considered one of the best thrash-metal records ever recorded.

From the beginning, Benante has kept one of everything the band did - artwork, t-shirts, posters, and when the band was recording, he had the engineer run off a few tapes of the project's basic tracks, alternate takes and alternate mixes, just to stockpile until the time came that they would be needed. Consequently, in addition to the original album's nine tracks, the two-disc anniversary edition features previously unreleased bonus material including Joey Belladonna's 1984 demo recording of the song "Medusa," nine "rhythm tracks" from Anthrax recordings also done in 1984 - no vocals, no overdubs or "sweetening," just drums, some guitar, a bit of bass, showing the songs in their naked, most basic form, and eight live songs from Anthrax's 1987, first-ever concert in Japan, held at Tokyo's Sun Plaza.

Spreading the Disease represented a turning point in rock. It came during a time when the landscape was transitioning from the "hair band scene" to a new composite of metal, punk and hardcore - thrash metal. The album was compelling and utterly fresh to the 1985 music fan with its speedy rhythms, savage riffs, blistering solos, punishing drum work and a killer melodic performance by Belladonna. Unlike the thrash bands sprouting up on the west coast that focused on speed, Anthrax's focus was on catchiness, hooks, and a hot and sweaty, New York mosh sensibility. And it wasn't just the music that was morphing, it was a whole new culture that was being birthed. And Anthrax, along with Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth - was right at its nucleus.

Spreading the Disease contains several Anthrax standouts: "A.I.R.," with its great riffs and abundance of melody, "Madhouse," a testament to the band's top-notch song-writing skills that showcased their grasp of melody, and "Armed and Dangerous," a soulful ballad with its singalong chorus and spine-tingling performance by Belladonna. "Aftershock" is probably the album's punkiest song with its blistering guitar solo, and the closer, "Gung Ho," with its out-and-out speed-kills blitzkrieg, is a superb piece of thrash metal.

Spreading the Disease 30th Anniversary Edition Track Listing:


Lone Justice
S.S.C. / Stand Or Fall
The Enemy
Armed And Dangerous
Medusa (Joey Belladonna demo)

DISC TWO (Unreleased)

A.I.R. *
Metal Thrashing Mad *
The Enemy *
Madhouse *
Howling Furries *
Armed And Dangerous *
Gung-Ho *
Soldiers of Metal *
Lone Justice **
Gung-Ho **
Metal Thrashing Mad **
Raise Hell **
Stand Or Fall **
Aftershock **
Armed And Dangerous **
Madhouse **
The Enemy **

* Live at Sun Plaza (Tokyo) 1987
** Rhythm track tape, 1984

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