Elliott Smith: Roman Candle

Roman Candle

Elliott Smith

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  • Release Date 23 October 2015
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For the first time since his tragic passing in 2003, all the studio albums recorded by world-renowned singer-songwriter Elliott Smith are being released through Universal Music Group this October.

Elliott Smith’s entire body of work has never been available from a single label before. The titles now being made available on CD and digitally through UMG, include: 1994’s Roman Candle; 1995’s Elliott Smith; 1997’s Either/Or; 2004’s posthumous album From a Basement on the Hill; 2007’s rarities collection New Moon; and 2010’s career retrospective An Introduction To… Elliott Smith. 1998’s XO and 2000’s Figure 8, both released on DreamWorks Records, continue to be available via UMG worldwide.

1. Roman Candle
2. Condor Ave
3. No Name #1
4. No Name #2
5. No Name #3
6. Drive All Over Town
7. No Name #4
8. Last Call
9. Kiwi Maddog 20/20

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