The Jam: Live At Reading University - Exclusive Pressing

Live At Reading University - Exclusive Pressing

The Jam

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  • Release Date 16 December 2016
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Double Vinyl LP
UMC / Polydor

  • Double LP packaged in exceptionally stylish gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags.
  • Re-mastered at Abbey Road and pressed on heavyweight vinyl.
  • Includes period photos and rare memorabilia.
  • Featuring stunning live versions of all the band’s classic hits and favourites.

Reading University, playing material from their breakthrough album ‘All Mod Cons’, was The Jam’s first live appearance of 1979, and found the band in a radically different place to their showcase at the Music Machine 12 months before. In that time, their third album, ‘All Mod Cons’, had been released to critical acclaim, and their status as one of the New Wave’s most musically substantial and exciting bands had been secured. And Weller was still only 20 years old...

Disc One

Side 1

  1. The Modern World
  2. Sounds From The Street
  3. Away From The Numbers
  4. All Mod Cons To Be Someone
  5. It’s Too Bad
Side 2
  1. Mr Clean
  2. Billy Hunt
  3. In The Street Today
  4. Standards
  5. Tonight At Noon
Disc Two
Side 1
  1. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
  2. News Of The World
  3. Here Comes The Weekend
  4. Bricks And Mortar / Batman
Side 2
  1. The Place I Love
  2. David Watts
  3. Heat Wave
  4. ‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street

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